Wooter: do not let go that deal with WP7!

Deals app are growing in the WP7 world!
Wooter allows you to access all the deals of Woot.com in a handy and easy to use metro-powered app.

SkyDrive: get your piece of the cloud with WP7

SkyDrive gives you a way to extend the storage of your phone with additional 25 GB of files, pictures, video or other files stored online. You can both access your own private folders from your phone and share files in a public folder.

Sticky Tiles: post-it on your WP7

StickyTiles (Free) Live tiles are square, colored, and they remind us of Post It® – why not being able to personalize them and add notes to our Windows Phone 7 home screen?That is what Sticky Tiles does, and it makes it pretty simple: select a color for foreground and background, type your message and select [...]

Flight Monitor: track your flights with WP7

Monitoring flights it’s a breeze with Windows Phone 7 and Flight Monitor.

Search for airline name and flight number and see what the status of your flight is. Simple, right? Wait, there’s more: Live Tiles!

Bump Out: fun WP7 board game

Bump out is a fun board game which is getting a lot great reviews on the Windows Phone 7 App Marketplace.
Be warned: this is not a soccer game, but a puzzle one: you have to clear all the colored soccer balls placed on the board on each level.

Clowning Around for WP7: cut the clown ropes!

Clowning Around is a smashing new game for Windows Phone 7 – fun and catchy, it is destined to climb the App Marketplace charts!

The circus is on and the clowns and are making their dive-in-a-barrelnumber, but… there are chains holding them and trampolines, traps, man-cannons and all sorts of obstacles.

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  • Crazy Casino for WP7

    Crazy Casino for WP7

    Jake Poznanski, the developer of WP7 best sellers, incuding Solitaire, Mars Runner and Word Search, is back! Crazy Casino is a simple casino game with Slots and Video Poker.

  • New Group*: Manage your Mango tiles on WP7

    New Group*: Manage your Mango tiles on WP7

    One of the most useful features of Mango is the ability to pin custom app tiles to the home screen. New Group* will help you order and group your Windows Phone 7 start screen tiles.

  • Chromatic: energetic vertical shooter for WP7

    Chromatic: energetic vertical shooter for WP7

    Chromatic is the latest addition to the not so-crowded category of vertical shooters on WP7, and it comes down with a bang!
    Waves of enemies of different shapes and colors come down the screen while you defend the bottom with your lonely gun, which fires shots in every direction you can tap.

  • Super Mario Ringtones for Windows Phone 7

    Super Mario Ringtones for Windows Phone 7

    With Windows Phone 7 Mango, you can now set your personalized ringtone through an app. Super Mario Ringtones lets you use some of the classical and famous Mario tunes on your phone (cool!).

  • Tangled Birds: free cute birds on WP7

    Tangled Birds: free cute birds on WP7

    Untangle cute singing birds on your WP7 and set them free to fly!

    Tangled Birds is a fun little un-tangling game for WP7.

    Similar to The Jumble, the goal is to untangle birds that are tied together, but here, as soon as a bird gets all his ropes straight, it flies away…

  • WhatsApp: freedom of texting on WP7

    WhatsApp: freedom of texting on WP7

    Free text messaging across mobile platofrms? We are IN! WhatsApp is a simple messaging app, but is present on the major platforms, making it a viable alternative to (expensive!) texting.

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  • ConnectivityShortcuts: all the WP7 settings in one tap

    ConnectivityShortcuts: all the WP7 settings in one tap

    The Mango OS update (WP 7.5 or 7.1 or whatever: Mango) brings some new features to our platform of choice: the ability to create pins for each individual setting as well as for internal app pages. This feat brought an initial burst of new shortcut – maker apps.

  • Monster Stack for WP7

    Monster Stack for WP7

    Physics games are taking over Windows Phone 7? Well, after Physi Bricks, (which we reviewed last week and is now number 2 on the marketplace!), is now the turn of Monster Stack to climb the charts!

  • Runkeeper – get fit with WP7

    Runkeeper – get fit with WP7

    Runkeeper stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness among the fitness and running apps on WP7, it does what you need: measures the speed, distance, calories and tracks your path on the map…

  • Physi Bricks for WP7 review

    Physi Bricks for WP7 review

    Physi Bricks (Free) Physi bricks is a fun little physics based game, like many coming out these days on WP7. Your goals is to send the green bricks off the screen, while keeping the red ones on, using a variety of balls, including small and big stone, exploding, imploding and inverse gravityamong others.The game is [...]

  • BestWP7Apps on Windows Phone 7!

    BestWP7Apps on Windows Phone 7!

    Find which are the best Windows Phone 7 apps directly from your phone! BestWP7Apps for Windows Phone is the result of our efforts to bring you a tool to discover what is worth installing on your WP7. We look at the WP7 App Marketplace every day and generate five App Lists that help you discover [...]

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