ConnectivityShortcuts: all the WP7 settings in one tap

ConnectivityShortcuts (Free)
The Mango OS update (WP 7.5 or 7.1 or whatever: Mango) brings some new features to our platform of choice: the ability to create pins for each individual setting as well as for internal app pages. This feat brought an initial burst of new shortcut – maker apps.

ConnectivityShortcuts is currently the bestseller in this category, and we must say it is simple and to the point, so it is well deserved.

Other apps like WP Shortcut Tiles or Network Dashboard are also available: they are useful and well designed, but Connectivity Shortcut was the one we preferred for its simplicity.

Just pin it to your start menu and with 2 taps you can control Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the Cellular radio and the Airplane mode. You can also pin one of these shortcuts directly to the start screen to complete this task with one less tap – if you use these switch a lot you will save tons of taps over time!

Connectivity Shortcuts is one of the best seller Mango-only app of the moment, we recommend you to try it out.

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Genre tools + productivity Rank 18
Rating Avg. 4.5 Stars # Reviews 820
Price Free Version 2.0
ConnectivityShortcuts (click to enlarge)
ConnectivityShortcuts (click to enlarge)

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