WhatsApp: freedom of texting on WP7

WhatsApp (Free)
Free text messaging across mobile platofrms? We are IN! WhatsApp is a simple messaging app, but is present on the major platforms, making it a viable alternative to (expensive!) texting.

Available for Windows Phone 7 (Mango only), Android, iPhone, Nokia and Blackberry, WhatsApp simply allow you to send text messages, a picture taken from your WP7 phone photos, Facebook or Skydrive, or your GPS location to another user of the same app.

The genial idea around this app is that you register using your phone number. So people that have your number on their contact list can immediately see you as part of the WhatsApp network.

Remember the first days of Facebook when you were like: “oh, look this guy is also here, let’s send him a message…” – well this works on WhatsApp too: when you register the app will find all of your contacts who have the app installed so you can text them immediately.

If a friend is not in the list, you can invite them to install WhatsApp via email or regular text message, so you can message them for free after that!

WhatsApp is free on the Windows Phone, go grab it before you need to start paying for it!

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Price Free Version 1.3
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  • Guest

    Hmm, it’s just another messenger. What’s wrong with built-in Facebook chat? Or IM+? I don’t like to have another whatzup whatever… Useless. 

  • http://www.BestWP7Apps.net BestWP7Apps

    Noting wrong with built-in Facebook which is awesome!
    This is like sending text messages and is cross platform, and works when the person is offline, so you can reach more/other people with it!