Bump Out: fun WP7 board game

Bump Out (Free)
Bump out is a fun board game which is getting a lot great reviews on the Windows Phone 7 App Marketplace.

Be warned: this is not a soccer game, but a puzzle one: you have to clear all the colored soccer balls placed on the board on each level. Hitting the balls makes one of the two flying off the board; hit them all until there is only one.

Clearing the board requires strategy: the balls can only move horizontally or vertically on the board and you might remain with no moves left and still a lot of balls on the board. The handy undo option will help you backtrack your moves though, making most boards not frustrating.

Bump out has 150 Levels with a level-by-level mode and a timed mode; the boards are interesting and should keep you intrigued for a while. Graphics are basic (especially on menus) but do the job.

Bump Out is a recommended pastime for your WP7: check it out.

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Price Free Version 1.1
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Bump Out (click to enlarge)

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