SkyDrive: get your piece of the cloud with WP7

SkyDrive (Free)
SkyDrive for Windows Phone 7 was released this week.

SkyDrive gives you a way to extend the storage of your phone with additional 25 GB of files, pictures, video or other files stored online. You can both access your own private folders from your phone and share files in a public folder. Once the files are public, you can simply share them by sending a link to friends, family, coworkers, customers or whoever you like!

Yes, SkyDrive was already integrated into the main WP7 applications, like Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) and the phone Pictures hub, but now the app gives you full control of the files and a couple of features that were not available before.

First of all you can use a different Live ID than the one used by default on the phone! This is handy if you have multiple Live ID accounts. Second, the app is now available for iOS, allowing you to share your files with iPhone and iPad devices.

Overall the app is simple but functional: browse the folders, create new ones, add and download files, send links.Basic and solid, just what we need.

If you did not know that with any Live ID you can get 25 GB of free drive space online, now you do, and you can easily access it from your Windows Phone!

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SkyDrive (click to enlarge)

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