Clowning Around for WP7: cut the clown ropes!

Clowning Around ($ 0.99, Trial)
Clowning Around is a smashing new game for Windows Phone 7 – fun and catchy, it is destined to climb the App Marketplace charts!

The circus is on and the clowns and are making their dive-in-a-barrelnumber, but… there are chains holding them and trampolines, traps, man-cannons and all sorts of obstacles.

Cut the clowns chains with the right timing and get them to the right barrel. Green clowns go in the green barrel, blu clowns in the blu ones and so on… you get the idea.

If you don’t want to spend the $1 right away, you can try Clown College as a warmup. It’s free and it gives you the first 15 levels for free. But, trust us, you will want to pay the $ 1 for the extra levels right away.

Clowning Around is just a gorgeous game, already a success on iPhone and Android is now delighting your Windows Phone.

The graphics are top notch, but the music jingle is really annoying: do your ears a favro and turn it off, it will ruin your experience.

Ace Viral got the inspiration from Cut the Rope, true, but mixed in multiple elements that will make it as fun and even more challenging.

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Price $ 0.99, Trial Version 1.0
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Clowning Around (click to enlarge)

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