Physi Bricks for WP7 review

Physi Bricks (Free)
Physi bricks is a fun little physics based game, like many coming out these days on WP7.
Your goals is to send the green bricks off the screen, while keeping the red ones on, using a variety of balls, including small and big stone, exploding, imploding and inverse gravityamong others.The game is fun and catchy, but very short, there are only 30 levels to go through, and since the game will intrigue you, they will go by fast. Also, sometimes you complete a level by chance more than by strategy, hey but this is true also for big casual games like Angry Birds.The graphic style is not bad, but could use more personality. A nice touch by the developer Stiq Joy is the video walkthrough published on their site. If you get stuck: go herebefore quitting.Overall Physi bricksis a good physics game that will get your attention for the short time required to finish it… until the next upgrade!
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Price Free Version 1.1
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