Chromatic: energetic vertical shooter for WP7

Chromatic (Free)
Chromatic is the latest addition to the not so-crowded category of vertical shooters on WP7, and it comes down with a bang!

Waves of enemies of different shapes and colors come down the screen while you defend the bottom with your lonely gun, which fires shots in every direction you can tap.

You have a selection of different gun types: from the basic pistol to lasers, mines, spread guns, freeze and missile). Guns level up the more you use them, and you can equip multiple ones for specific battles, switching among them as you go – in our gameplay sometimes the guns got activated without control, though, which was somewhat annoying in the harder levels.

Gameplay is hectic and exciting; multiple waves of enemies come down really fast, forcing you to multi-tap and to make quick decisions on which enemy to take on first as well as which weapons to use.

Both game art and music are great, especially the gameplay music, which will ring in your head for quite a while after playing; social gaming features such as leaderboards complete a very solid package which gave us quite some fun.

The developer, StackPop Studios, offers Chromatic in a free version as well as an ads-free paid one, and we recommend you to give it a whirl – check the gameplay video below!

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Chromatic (click to enlarge)
Chromatic (click to enlarge)

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