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We have been working on our weight lately to shake off some of the extra pounds gained on a lazy summer. Holidays are near, and this is another reason to get back in shape before it’s too late. What better opportunity than this to try a fitness app on our Windows Phone 7?

Runkeeper has been out for a while, but it still stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness among the fitness and running apps on WP7, it does what you need: measures the speed, distance, calories and tracks your path on the map.

Runkeeper supports multiple activities besides running, including cycling, walking, hiking and so on, it simply tracks the progress and reports it to you.

No fanciness like tracking your position to the significant other or showing you routes on the map, nothing advanced: just plain activity data that is useful to most beginner to intermediate runners.

After the activity is complete, you can post the results to the major social networks with a comment, as long as you registered your online profile to (which we find a bit odd, why can we not post it from the app directly?).

The site also supports more advanced stats for more professional runners than we are, for a monthly fee. If you are marathon runners, check it out to see if it’s worth your money.

One defect that we found is that the app has a hard time to lock on the GPS when it starts. We have to wait a bit before it lock on, sometimes we need to get out of the app, run GMaps, wait for it to lock on and then come back to Runkeeper again. This is not a deal breaker, though – as long as you know and wait for it to pick up the signal.

Runkeeper is free, so if you are looking for a running or other activity companion for your WP7, check it out.

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