Super Mario Ringtones for Windows Phone 7

Super_Mario_Ringtones (Free)
With Windows Phone 7 Mango, you can now set your personalized ringtone through an app. Super Mario Ringtones lets you use some of the classical and famous Mario tunes on your phone (cool!).

Tunes are available from the classical NES and N64 titles: Super Mario Bros 1,2 and 3, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Super Mario RPG and Super Mario 64.

Multiple tunes per game are available – you can simply preview the jingle, save it to your phone and make it your ringtone right from the app. The app is snappy and very responsive, which helps your navigation through the available tunes.

Tunes in this app are original and acquired from, a super-fan based web site. One of our favorite tunes is Mario Underworld, but, after sampling a few tunes, we ended up with setting the Level Complete tune from Super Mario Bros as our new ringtone. Now heads turn when our phone rings: sweet!

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Super_Mario_Ringtones (click to enlarge)

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