Monster Stack for WP7

Monster Stack (Free)
Physics games are taking over Windows Phone 7? Well, after Physi Bricks, (which we reviewed last week and is now number 2 on the marketplace!), is now the turn of Monster Stackto climb the charts!This time you have to build, rather than destroy: the game starts from an empty board with static pegs (boxes, triangles, circles or crosses); you have to build a house-like construction with small monster-like pieces of similar shapes. Build the house with all the pieces without letting the monsters fall!

The physics engine is good, the game is fun and the level progression pretty adequate: first ones go in a breeze, but the last few require thinking with trial and error attempts. Right now there are 25 available levels plus an additional pack which is “coming soon”.

Monster Stack is the fourth game of the series for Health Pack Games, what is striking is that this game is free, but it has all what’s needed to be an awesome paid game! Art design is beautiful, gameplay is enticing and music is entertaining!

But wait… there’s more! There is a level editor to create your own levels! And social game features such as achievements (scoreboards are coming soon…).

We thanks Health Pack Games for such a beautiful, FREE, game!

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Price Free Version 2.1
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Monster Stack (click to enlarge)

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