Flight Monitor: track your flights with WP7

Flight Monitor ($ 3.99, Trial)
Monitoring flights it’s a breeze with Windows Phone 7 and Flight Monitor.

Search for airline name and flight number and see what the status of your flight is. Simple, right? Wait, there’s more: Live Tiles!

The paid version of Flight Monitor allows you to pin to your start screen the flight you want to follow, and here is where the magic happens: the live tile will tell you how many minutes before the flight takes off, then give you an precise idea of where it is with a mini-map and in how much time it is expected to land, and finally the icon changes to indicate that the flight has landed. Perfect!

Bing provides all the info for the flights, and we were able to track US, European and intercontinental flights with no problem – which you don’t get with other flight track apps.

Flight Monitor loses half a star in our rating for the price: $3.99 seems an expensive tag price for a simple service – we are sure that the sales of the app could get a boost with a $ 1 or $ 2 price tag!

Another half star is lost in the poor search interface: too many clocks to get to the airline, and if you know a flight code it should be possible to enter it directly. Also a list of recent flights or favorites would complete this app.

Nonetheless, this is the best flight tracking app we have found on Windows Phone 7, so if you are flying or waiting for someone who does, check it out: you won’t be disappointed.

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Rating Avg. 3.5 Stars # Reviews 3
Price $ 3.99, Trial Version 1.1
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Flight Monitor (click to enlarge)

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  • Anonymous

    Seems nice, but unfortunately it is not complete or not updated. Today I tried to find Pegasus airlines. It returns two codes, but not the required PC code, while other online websites will do. And it also can not be entered manually. So to my opinion it loses another star.