New Group*: Manage your Mango tiles on WP7

new group* (Free)
One of the most useful features of Mango is the ability to pin custom app tiles to the home screen. New Group* will help you order and group your Windows Phone 7 start screen tiles.

You simply enter the name of the new group/category you want to create (for example games, utilities) and select Create Category, New Group will create a tile with that text in it, that you can place in your start screen where you need to make order.

That is it. Simple but powerful!

If you were expecting real folders, well then we have to ask to the Apollo team (the next version of the Windows Phone 7 OS).

The color of the tile will match your theme background; if you change theme you need to launch the app once to update the tiles’ color.

When you need to order the tiles on your home screen, new group is a great and free way to do it- tap it out to see.

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  • Lawrence Lam

    Nice! I could see a feature enhancement where one could add a background to it to make it look more like the Games, Office or Zune experiences

  • Battle Geek

    Very usefull what your doing here. Windows market place still demands apps that means business for developers. 71 of their best are on this list

  • mads333

    Why cant I download it in Denmark?
    Can I find an app simuliar to this?