Sticky Tiles: post-it on your WP7

StickyTiles (Free)
Live tiles are square, colored, and they remind us of Post It® – why not being able to personalize them and add notes to our Windows Phone 7 home screen?That is what Sticky Tiles does, and it makes it pretty simple: select a color for foreground and background, type your message and select the font size. Select if your tile also has a back that flips from time to time and type the back image.

Tap the pin and the note is on your home screen. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezey!

Color selection could be easier with predefined colors and making front and back of the same color, also the slider for the font size is hard to tap, but overall this app is pretty simple and gets the job done well.

If you need personalized reminders or notes on your home screen, with Windows Phone 7 and Sticky Tiles, now you can!

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StickyTiles (click to enlarge)
StickyTiles (click to enlarge)

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