Doodle Jump on Windows Phone 7 – BE WARNED: Insanely Addictive!

Doodle Jump ($ 2.99, Trial)
Doodle Jump has been our (and our kids) favorite pastime on iPhone for a long time. Now that our platform of choice is WP7 we are excited to see how the doodly jumpy being fares under the Xbox Live banner.

Ok, let’s try it.

Jump, jump, crack, jump. booooiiiinngggg, jump…

Jump, jump, sproooooiiinnnggg, jump, sproooooiiinnnggg, …

Jump, jump, jump, crack, pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.

Game over.
Shoot! Gotta try again.

Jump, jump, jump…

…1 hour later…

Jump, jump, jump…

Jump, jump, jump (coudlhavebeenwrong, coudlhavebeenwrong), zip, zip, jump (coudlhavebeenwrong,) zip, zip, zip …

Jump, jump, jump…

Ok: the game is awesome. 5 stars. Get it. Now!

Yeah. Doodle Jump is that good.

It’s a simple game: tilt your phone to control the Doodler jumping on platform. Get as high as you can: miss one platform and you are dead doodle meat. Start over.

During your ascension, you will find platforms that break, disappear, move. Also weird alien beings (not that the Doodler is NOT already a weird being, huh) will be in your way, you can shoot them (tap on the screen) or jump on their head.

Simple but killer: gotta get higher. This is the Doodley Jumper secret, as you might already have experienced with Birdy Bounce on WP7.

As you climb you can see your previous heights as well as those of your friends to top. That is another element that will make you try again.

The level graphic theme can change: not all the iPhone/Android themes are available (we loved the Soccer theme on iPhone) but here there are more than enough for some variance: Plain, Snow, Night Ghosts, Jungle, Space.

There are some small differences from the legendary iPhone version, but minor ones: the doodler and the platforms appear smaller here; is it because the Samsung Focus screen is larger than our iPhone 3GS? Also the game seems to be somewhat easier. There are less enemies around, at least at the beginning.

Being an Xbox Live game, there are achievements and leaderboards. For some reason leaderboards are local or friends only, there is no global one (weird) and achievements seem to be hard (jump on 30 monsters in a game, really? On our best game so far we saw at most 10 monsters….)

Be warned: insanely addictive, this is the line on the iPhone marketplace. Well Doodle Jump is insanely addictive – just try it with the free trial and you will know.

This game is so popular that has even a community web site with suggestion on best hands and body positions for a higher score! (

The simple concept and pure gameplay is so powerful that Doodle Jump is not only present on most phones today, but is also working on the big jump on the TV with Kinect:

Verdict (version reviewed:

Doodle Jump is so powerful that started a series of games called Doodle something on every phone platform available today – there are currently 22 apps called *Doodle* on the Windows Phone 7 App Marketplace. Yeah 3 bucks are 3 bucks, but missing the best game out there is lame. Get it.
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  • Marios Karagiannis

    Is it better than MonsterUp that has been available to Windows Phone 7 users since January? I doubt it!

  • Максим Бородин