Windows Phone Help: know everything about your WP7.

Windows Phone Help (Free) [Growing Apps]
Windows Phone Help is just a great tool to discover the functionalities of your Windows Phone. If you remember Windows Phone Insider that we reviewed in February, the idea is the same, but the execution is more focused on content here.No fancy icons, but more text and more content. The app has a lot of hints and how-tos that can be used by the n00bs and by the veteran alike.You can search what you need help on or you can browse by category.

Want to geotag your pictures? Check. Use voice commands? Check. Handle Error C101C401 when buying an app? Check. Mark multiple emails as read or reduce your battery consumption? Check and check.

The list of hints goes on and on: there are more than 100 hints in the app.

An innovative function is the “There’s an app for that” section. Apps are suggested for common uses like how do I use Facebook or Craigslist or use the Compass? This list will tell you what is the best app on the marketplace for it.

We liked Windows Phone Help, a lot. The content could be expanded to even more basic and advanced functions, but the idea is clear and the execution sharp – tap it to your WP7 no problem.

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