Solitaire for WP7: just like old Windows days

Solitaire (Free) [Growing Apps]
Have you spent countless hours on Solitaire for Windows? Yeah, tell us about it. Well, now you can waste more of your time on Windows Phone 7 with Solitaire by Jake Poznanski.The author of Word Search and Mars Runner is author of another best seller on WP7. As we write, besides Microsoft, Poznanski is the only other publisher with more than one title in the top 20 apps. Jake has indeed 3 apps in this chart!

Solitaire is a sure shot: this is the classic card game that requires to clear the board by stacking the cards in descending order and alternate colors and at the same time rebuild the deck per seed. We love the Vegas score with three card drawings, that makes it more challenging. For some reason, though, there is no cumulative score, taking a bit of the fun away from us – trying to stay afloat with the losses over multiple game streaks was our thing.

Graphics are clean and basic, you can’t really go wrong with this. The only other issue we noticed is the deck gets dark when you select a card, not allowing you to clearly see the rest of the cards to decide what the best next move is. Not a blocker, but a little annoying.

In any case, Solitaire for Windows Phone 7 is a fun app; free like most of those we are reviewing lately on WP7; this is another hit: get it on your phone while it’s hot.

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Rating Avg. 4 Stars # Reviews 184
Price Free Version 1.6

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  • Lawrence Lam

    When you win, do the cards cascade down like in the original Windows version? =) 

  • BestWP7Apps

    They actually do!