Big Guns: fast paced tower defense game for WP7

Big Guns Tower Defense (Free) [New+Cool]
Vetorlight Games brings us a no-frills and fast-paced tower defense game for WP7. Big Guns is different from Micron Studio’s Next War, that we reviewed a while back: the tower defense matches here are quick and dense. 28 Levels to complete in a few minutes each, and lots of fun: nothing more, nothing less.

You defend the base with different weapons: guns, cannons, lasers and so on. Place the weapons on the grass as the enemy advances on the cement (or on the air in the flight-defense missions) and try to have your base suffer enough damage to survive and not explode.

If you are like us, you like tower defense games; but also you don’t have 30 minutes to put in a stage on a complicated game – if so you will welcome this idea: make it quick. And Big Guns delivers: variations of different ground and air enemies, and mix of the two! Your units do not upgrade, but this is ok, it is all in the name of some quick tower defense fun for WP7.

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