NextWar: a gorgeous tower defense game for WP7

NextWar: The Quest for Earth ($ 2.99, Trial) [Growing.Apps]
Being on vacation is tough to write Windows Phone 7 apps reviews, but it’s not hard to have fun with your WP7 phone, even on long flights, especially with NextWar: The Quest for Earth. This is a great game, one that makes you lose sleep if you cannot beat a stage. The fictitious earth defense setup is an excuse for 10+ levels of prime quality, Geometry Wars-like graphics, exciting and challenging, tower defense game.In tower defense games, the goal is to prevent waves of enemies from reaching your base by placing towers and then boosting them up. You build laser or area impact towers and slow down enemies through the path. NWtQfE also has a strategic element in building bases that can research Civ-like advancements for your units.Past the first couple of easy stages, reaching your goal becomes a challenge, to succeed you need to make use of the playing field in the right way and plan your resources according to the enemy waves.

NextWar has been previously released as an Indie Xbox live game in 2009 and received a gorgeous rating on the 360 console as well as on the phone (4.5 stars).

Unfortunately there are no achievements, but this game is no short in fun and should be part of your WP7 tappable collection. For us: 5 stars!

Genre Game Rank 1248
Rating Avg. 4.5 Stars # Reviews 50
Price $2.99, Trial Version 1.2
[Video preview courtesy of Micron Games Studios]

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