Top 5 Stocks Apps for Windows Phone 7: #2 iStock Lite

#2 – iStock Lite (Free)
iStock Lite for Windows Phone 7 (click to open with Zune)iStock is a complete and free stocks management app for Windows Phone 7. The landing page is a market view with index values and most active stocks. You can add stocks to your watch list that can display 8 stocks in one screen (of course you can scroll the list and add more).
Selecting the company details you can see quotes, news, some technical analysis data and interesting guru analysis/recommendations and the charts. The app has paid versions that increase the number of gurus and provide more details on their ratings.
The problem with this app is the UI. It is not metro standard and the controls are slightly cluttered, but that is not a big deal; the real problem are the colors choice. Everything is green or black with different gradients, things are hard to read on the phone – the charts are almost unreadable – and overall is a little punch in the eye compared to other apps.
But, the app is quick enough (even if search could be faster), it has lots of information and it’s free, so it gets our 4 stars mark.

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