Top 5 Stocks Apps for Windows Phone 7

There are many stocks and portfolio management apps in the WP7 marketplace today, and not all of them have good review scores. We have selected some of the best ones out there and ranked the top 5 that are best suited for your trading taps.We did not look at general financial apps (Pageonce still shines in that category, see our review here), but only to those apps that show you stock quotes, news, charts and sometimes offer portfolio management.Here we go with Number 5:
#5 – Stock Watch (Free)
This app is free and this is good. It is also the app with the best charts of all we tried, the only one displaying the stochastic curve for your beloved stocks.But… the user interface is a mess. Input UI and functionalities are really confusing. For example, the app has both a watch list and a portfolio, but you cannot enter quantity and price for the stock in the portfolio (?).Another example is the UI to add a symbol to your list: you type a symbol, a pop up list shows up, you select the symbol, hit search (?) and then select add to portfolio again (???) Stock Watch includes a handy currency exchange section, together with movers and markets watch, but has no live tile to see your portfolio move from your WP7 home screen.

The UI has improved over time, but is still messy and confusing, Nonetheless, this app is worth your taps because of the charts, and it’s free, so check it out.



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