NASA Be A Martian: Explore Mars today with Windows Phone 7!

NASA Be A Martian (Free)
Be A Martian is a project of NASA to share the experience of exploring Mars with everyone. The app (and the project) is incredibly cool: you can view and learn many things about the Red Planet: there are stunning pictures of the bare and cold fourth planet as well as videos about Mars facts and its exploration history.Best part of all, though, you can participate in the exploration in first person! You can, in fact, help the scientist in the process of tagging the pictures taken by Mars rovers and surveyors: tap on your WP7 to describe the landscape from a picture taken by Spirit or Opportunity, or count the craters in a picture from the orbit.

Uh, let’s not forget a zoomable and clickable map of the mars regions to learn all about the volcanic region of Tharsis or the Valles Marineris – Mars’ grand canyon large as the entire continental United States. You can sign up to be a virtual Martian Citizen and earn credits for your help.

You can check how interesting this program is with the Be a Martian web site or Facebook page, and then take it on the go with the app.

Finally, the app is open source and the code can be found here. This is a fairly complex app, and the WP7 developers should have some good code examples here.

NASA Be A Martian for Windows Phone 7 (click to open with Zune)
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