SteamBirds for WP7 review

SteamBirds ($ 1.99, Trial)
SteamBirds is a clever flight combat game with a strategic twist: it is turn based!
Ported from iOS and Android where it had a good success, the game is also available online in Flash version at Don’t be fooled though, the flash version is much less immediate and enjoyable than the phone version.
The gameplay is centered around air battles: you control one or more airplanes and determine their next move: you can fly in a direction, accelerate, turn around, execute an evasive maneuver and so on. If an enemy plane comes in sight, your plane will immediately start firing and taking it down. The best strategy is to fly around your enemies and stick it to their tail: they will go down in a snap…One of the best parts of the game is the local multiplayer, with a friend you can have lots of fun chasing and shooting each other passing the phone back and forth.The free trial version has only a handful of levels, but it gives a good idea of how the game plays – check it out.
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Rating Avg. 5 Stars # Reviews 44
Price $ 1.99, Trial Version 1.0

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