Fuse, an elegant RSS reader for WP7

Fuse ($ 1.29, Trial)
Fuse is a functional and elegant RSS reader for WP7. The app comes with a trial option that is fully functional, but forgets your settings every once in a while, so you can have a full experience in your trial.

The feed reading experience comes in three themes: Ribbon, Ipsum and Square. All three are somewhat original and not banal; we prefer Ribbon that mixes text and images.

Fuse comes with 5 preconfigured feeds, including Engadget, MTV and LA Times, but you can, of course, add your own favorite feed or youtube channel.

The app is integrated with Google Reader in the sense that you can import one or more of your feeds here, and this is a very useful feature.

The social integration includes Facebook and Twitter – plain – but also Read it Later and Instapaper – original.

The reading experience is what matter most on an RSS read – and here Fuse is offering a solid experience. Looking at the highlights with the pictures is snappy – one of the best on WP7 – and the detail read is clear and fast too.

If you are looking for an elegant and efficient RSS reader on WP7, give a try to Fuse, you might decide to stick with it.

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Rating Avg. 4.5 Stars # Reviews 69
Price $ 1.29, Trial Version 1.0

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