Plants Vs Zombies is here: the best WP7 Game yet?

Plants Vs. Zombies ($ 4.99, Trial)
Plants Vs Zombies ™ for Windows Phone 7 (click to open with Zune)One of the most anticipated games of the Must Have Xbox Live Games on Windows Phone 7 is Plants Versus Zombies and is finally here. Get ready to fight hordes of funny zombies attacking your green WP7 lawn and fight back with peas, cherries and potatoes!
PvZ is just a fantastic game: part strategy, part tower defense, and most of all F-U-N.

Zombies are attacking your house! You defend your turf planting vegetables that can throw pea-bullets to the zombies taking them down as they advance on your lawn. You gather resources in terms of solar energy that either drops from the sky or is generated by sunflowers, then you can spend it to acquire more plants.

Different types of zombies and plants give a great variety to the game: attackers range from the plain undead to the pole vault jumper to the Michael Jackson zombie. A total of 26 types of zombies with different characteristics will attack and require adjustments in your defense tactics. Defenders range from peashooters to cherry bombs to potato mines. Use 49 perennial types to defend your doorstep: select the right tactic in every wave or zombies will soon knock on your door!

The game is frenetic, at the beginning of the levels, you barely have the time to collect the sun rays that you have to spend them immediately; then in the middle of the level unfolding you need to save resources for the grand finale: a huge wave of zombies approaches at the end of each level: you better get ready!

Everything is made with great humor and style: the art has an awesome ironic aura, the zombie animations, movements and explosions are simply hilarious. Even achievements and leaderboards have the ironic style of the game. PvZ has become so iconic that Pop Cap has received 41 offers for a movie made with its style.

The experience is completed by different game modes and mini games: Adventure is the main story and when you are done, 20 mini-games, puzzle mode and Zen Garden mode open up to give you even more fun time. PvZ is definitely one of the WP7 Xbox Live Games that provide the best value for your money, and we think that at $ 4.99 is a great price – you will get tons of fun gameplay for 5 bucks.
Verdict (version reviewed:
PvZ is available on every system on the planet (Xbox, PS, DS, iOS, Android, PC and Mac) and is finally available for our enjoyment on your WP7 phone of choice – well, make good use of it and enjoy every minute!
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