Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 is here!

Just released a few minutes ago, the game of the century (and of the third millennium) is here. The last of the Must Have Windows Phone 7 games series, the hit game and culture phenomenon is now available on the App Marketplace.

Your WP7 is no longer second to any phone, pc, or device with a screen in this galaxy: now you can sling volatiles to hit pigs too.
And the analysts can no longer say that, in order to succeed, WP7 needs Angry Birds, because we now HAZ IT.
The price is $ 2.99, we’ll see if it’s worth in our upcoming review. Downloading on the phone now… (press here to download it with Zune to your phone)

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  • E Hekkert

    I do wonder why all three versions on android are free but the WP7 version is just onder $3.