Super Monkey Ball for WP7 Review

Super Monkey Ball ($ 4.99, Trial) [New+Cool]
For this week, the Xbox Live Arcade game released on Windows Phone 7 is Super Monkey Ball.
The idea is to drive a monkey inside a ball to collect bananas and get to a goal on a floating slide-like course in between jumps and obstacles trying to avoid falling and getting in time to the goal.
We have played this game on the Wii and it was fun; on a phone the idea is to use the accelerometer and tilt the phone to drive the monkey to the goal.
The execution is good, but not great. It just takes a little while to get used to the controls: at the beginning they seem to be little responsive for a small tilt and too much for a slightly bigger ones; also it is not clear if the neutral position is completely flat or slightly tilted. Finally the graphics of the monkeys are not helping figuring out at what speed the ball is rolling. Overall, the graphic is pleasant and colorful, though; of course this is a quality production and it shows.
Like all the Xbox Live WP7 Games, there are Achievements, if you are a cheevos hunter, check the guide at
Overall this is a good pastime with over 100 levels that start getting challenging after the first few ones (some might even be frustrating) but with a steep learn curve – we wished you could have a sensitivity adjustment setting.
We suggest you to use the awesome try before you buy feature (Windows Phone haz it!) to check this game out, but remember that it takes a while to get used to the controls…
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Price $ 4.99, Trial Version 1.0

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