Dude, where is my Windows Phone 7 Update?

Dude, Where is my Update (Free) [New+Cool]
If you want to know where your NoDo update is, you don’t need to go to the web page that the Windows Phone 7 team put together. Now you have a handy app that can tell you straight from your phone.
Select your country; then select your phone (US) or your operator (for the rest of the world!), the app will retrieve the latest status on both the February and the March (NoDo) update.
The app does what is says: the status can be Testing (you are out of luck, your carrier is still testing with Microsoft), Scheduling (testing is done, now putting the ducks in a row to deliver the update in matter of days), Delivering (yeah it’s coming!) or N/A (your phone comes with the update!).
Straightforward. Simple. Free. Tap it.
We give it 5 stars, but we wished there was no need to have an app for that…

Update: In the latest 1.2 update the app shows the stats on what phone and build its users run: this morning about 50% of users seemed to be on Nodo build and 50% on retail.

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  • Vijax21

    Doesn’t show M1 under Select Operator in singapore….