Must Have Windows Phone 7 Apps according to MobleTechWorld

In occasion of the 10,000 marker on the Windows Phone 7 App Marketplace, MobileTechWorld created a very comprehensive best-of list with top notch WP7 apps in several categories.

This is one of the longest must-have lists we have seen, it’s well organized and has a lot of apps that you should tap to your WP7 home screen.

Some of our favorites in the long list of categories covered by this great article include:

  • Utilities
  • News Readers with IGN and Weave
  • Ebook with Amazon Kindle
  • Online shopping with Amazon and Ebay
  • Movies Video and Music with Flixster, Daily Motion, MSN Video and Shazam
  • Photos with Flickr and PhotoBucket
  • Social with Facebook and Twitter
  • Finance and Real Estate with Pageonce and
  • Lifestyle with Morfo, Kayak and Cocktail Flow

And of course Games with great titles like IloMilo, Fruit Ninja and our recent review NextWar.

Congrats to MobileTechWorld, this is an awesome best-of list, full of Windows Phone 7 gems.

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  • jbenz

    i agree with all of these … and im glad that foursquare isnt on it. Im sick of them getting good reviews when the app doesnt even let you log in unless you create a new account and never log out. It is rediculous how bad some companies are about updating their product