Follow March Madness on Windows Phone 7

March Madness is here, are you ready? Ready or not, you can now follow the NCAA Basketball Tournament finals on your Windows Phone 7. Bracketology has never been easier on your phone!

There are two main apps available on the Windows Phone 7 app marketplace today to follow the tournament: Brackets and MobileMadness. Both apps are free, but their purpose is slightly different.

Brackets collects your picks and tracks them during the tournament. The UI is split in the different rounds (Round 1, round 2, Sweet 16, Elite 8 and Final 4), and that is it. There are no dates for the games, so if you are looking to know when your team is playing, look somewhere else. If you like to make predictions, though, Brackets is for you, grab it for free on the WP7 App Marketplace.

MobileMadness shows a nice view of the brackets filled in with the current standings. The brackets are slow to load so, do not despair if they don’t show up and wait for a little: they will populate. Brackets include the indication of the day of the matches; you can pan them but, for some reason, you cannot zoom in to see the team names better. This app is more geared towards tracking the tournament rather than predicting it (and we like this), so you can see the daily matches with a swipe as well as the live results for the ongoing matches.

If you are a college hoops die-hard we would suggest to use both apps: follow the tournament with MobileMadness and make predictions with Brackets!

Sorry, we can’t resist: GO HUSKIES!!!! Whoooo-hoooo!

Brackets (Free)
Focused on predicting the results, basic but free.
MobileMadness (Free)
Best value, tracks the tournament and provides real time scores, needs some patience in loading the brackets.
MobileMadness for Windows Phone 7 (click to open with Zune) Best Windows Phone 7 Apps score 4 out of 5

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