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GasBuddy (free app)
Get GasBuddy from Windows Phone 7 Apps marketplace with ZuneGas Buddy is a great little app to help you save a few bucks on gas.
Users can enter a target location or simply find gas around their current position. The app will list the gas stations close by (nearest first) with the gas price as reported by fellow users. Of course you can sort by price, finding the cheapest gas around.
There’s a nice map view displaying all the stations around you, but the map is not showing your position (?) even if it is centered on you. The app is fast and snappy in list mode, but slow in map mode. My area had most stations covered; some of them have not been updated in a couple of days so the price won’t show up unless you select the specific station.
Unfortunately there is no integration with Bing maps, so no driving directions - this is a major letdown that should be fixed in a future update. Given that the app is free now, we believe it is a fail deal, and the app is worth your taps.
As an app user, you can submit the gas price of any station you want. Submission is vey easy, since you can start from the last registered price in the target station. Over time your submissions will grant you discounts and gas bonuses, making users motivated to send info to the servers and the prices updated on the app.




GasBuddy will save you some bucks on gas. Just add the driving directions integrated with Bing search and you will have a 5 stars app. It is for free: you should not miss it!

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