Penguin for WP7: can’t stop playing this little game"

Penguin (Free) [New+Cool]
Penguin just got released a few days ago and is climbing the charts like a flying penguin (!).

It is a very simple, but fun and addictive game: you are a penguin sliding belly down on the Antarctic hilly ice: tap on your phone’ screen to dive down let go on the uphill to jump and get airborne (yeah penguins can fly). The more air you get, the more the air reserve you get: finish the air and the trip is over. Eating fish along the way also helps your penguin jump higher and get more air.
We loved the high flying over the ice and the fast diving at the right moment, it soon becomes an addiction: the more you fly and hit the slopes, the more you want to perfect your skill and fly more: as simple as that.
We did not feel a similar feeling since we played Canabalt on the iPhone. Sure the production value here is more limited, but the fun is similar: you just want more of it.
Fly higher, dive faster, get more fishes and higher score. That is it.
Penguin is good, try it and you will be hooked.
Genre Games Rank 381
Rating Avg. 4.5 Stars # Reviews 55
Price Free Version 1.0

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  • Super8fan

    I am suspecting these reviews are rigged. I played the game and it is not as fun as described here.
    Why do they keep coming up with rave reviews for few games which dont have basic quality checks. At the most this is an average game !!

  • Mike Newman

    Thanks for the review.  Penguin seems to be getting a great reception so far in the couple days since release.  Into the top 100 free games as of today, with over 150 user reviews internationally, and a 4.5 star average rating.

  • Kevin

    You didn’t like the game so every other review must be fake? Sure thing.

    I’m so addicted to this game it isn’t funny. Look forward to seeing updates!