Armored Drive by Elbert Perez: driving fun on WP7

Armored Drive (Free) [New+Cool]
Elbert Perez strikes again. The maker of Quadra, Steam Castle, Traffic Cop and other WP7 hits publishes his new creation: Armored Drive.

Similar to the classic arcades Bump ‘n Jump and Spy Hunter this is a vertical scrolling racer. You control a car racing on a highway from the top, tilting the phone to steer left and right to avoid the other cars. Watch it: at the first hit, you are gone: game over!

Well at least at the beginning, your armored drive is upgradable. You earn money at every race, then you can spend your money in upgrades: jump, armor upgrade and traffic detection devices are some of the perks you can buy at the beginning. And they do make the difference: jumping and increased armor will make you run much farther. For what you can buy later on… this is a surprise: check the video below for a preview

Graphics in Elbert’s game is always good, and this is confirmed here in Armored Drive as well: the polite sprites with a modern touch for the animations are top notch on the WP7 marketplace. This time we did not enjoy the music, though. It just does not belong to the game: piano and flute/trombone seem out of place here, we wished for a more hectic or action-paced rock tune.

Overall the sense of progression is a great bait to come back and play more, try to get further along in the race.

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  • Lawrence Lam

    This game seems identical to SpeedCar