PC World 10 must-have WP7 Apps for Business

PC World published recently two list of best Windows Phone apps.
The first list, published a few days ago it’s a common top 10 free apps list, with some very obvious entries like Facebook, Netflix and our first reviewed app: Flixster.
The latest list, published just today, focuses on the best apps for business. We find it interesting because it is the possibly the first “best apps” list that we have seen on this area. It contains some interesting apps that we have not had the chance to review yet, such as Review Horizon Analytics, Virtual Remote Presenter and Upvise Pro – we think it’s worth a read.

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    I put my app in the social category, but the business impact is obvious: eDiscovery “safe” DRM mobile messaging with all of the encryption of a james bond flick… 4UrEyezOnly ( http://www.4ureyezonly.com )