NBC Nightly News: stay informed on the go with WP7

NBC Nightly News (Free)
NBC Nightly News came out on Windows Phone 7 at the end of June, adding another triple-A title to the WP7 App Marketplace which is now approaching the 25,000 available titles.

The app had some juvenile issues with multiple reports of startup and content problems, but the last update seems to have fixed all the hiccups. We have been able to see the content and play the videos nicely in the past few days on our Samsung Focus – no problem.

The apps features clips from the latest program or per topic, as well as full broadcasts (which we love) and a selection of the most viewed videos. The video playback is smooth but not high quality (not even on the web it is), with basic Facebook sharing functions.

NBC News with Brian Williams is one of our favorite news casts on TV, and it will become one of our top news sources, together with the other WP7 best news apps and the recent USA Today.

Genre News&Weather Rank 545
Rating Avg. 3.0 Stars # Reviews 80
Price Free Version 1.1

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