Danger Wing: great free shooter for WP7

Danger Wing (Free) [Growing Apps]
Danger Wing is one of this month top releases: released on 6/1, at the time of writing is close to the top 50 and with 4.5 rating average. 

Well, this is deserved: the debut app for Paul Hoenecke is a great mix of vertical shooter and comics fun. Your ship’s captain interacts with his robot, second in command and arch-enemy at the beginning of each stage. These are off beat conversation, as well as fun ways to introduce game controls, settings and story.

Gameplay is basic but fun: hold your finger on the ship and it will start shooting. Swipe left and right to avoid enemies’ bullets while you take them down, until you get to the stage boss for the level final battle. Graphics and animations are very good: smooth and stylish and help raising the quality of the app overall.

Achievements and leaderboard services are provided by Mogade.com, a new service available for Windows Phone developers, currently in beta.

Danger Wing is a good shooter game with solid gameplay, graphics, sounds and fun dialogue between characters. If you ever liked any vertical shooter you should not miss it – hey, it’s free! Click on the icon below to download it on your Windows Phone 7.

Genre Games Rank 54
Rating Avg. 4.5 Stars # Reviews 41
Price Free Version 1.4

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