On Windows Phone: Ask Ziggy , not Siri!

Ask Ziggy (Free)
Ask Ziggy is a speech-enabled application that interprets and responds to command similar to the Siri app on the iPhone 4S.

Windows Phone 7 already has a voice recognition engine (since the beginning, in fact), but the voice interface is mostly command oriented and is accessible in specific areas of the phone, like search and the text message interface (did you know you can dictate a text message to your WP7?).

Ask Ziggy does not want to replace that, but complement it.
The app is a standalone solution which uses the Nuance speech recognition service, the same used by Siri, and accepts natural language interaction.
Some questions are directly responded by Siri in “person”, some are understood, but left to Bing or other WP7 apps to deliver.

For example “Find Mexican Restaurant” will pop the maps app, “Weather in New York City” or “AMZN Stock Value” will pop Bing with the an answer through search.

Ziggy understands multiple direct commands, like update Facebook or Twitter, can call or text your contacts, and has answers for some interesting questions, very much like Siri does – try it!

Overall we found Ziggy understanding most of our questions which is the most fun part of the app: see if it understands what we say!  

We wished the UI was cleaner and the responses faster, but overall Ziggy delivers.

For more info, check ZiggyBot.com – enjoy!

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Ask Ziggy (click to enlarge)

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  • Observer

    The funnest part about Siri is the stupid inane questions and conversations that are part of its breadth. Ziggy needs to outdo Siri here

    • http://www.BestWP7Apps.net BestWP7Apps

      Well this is a single person developing this app vs the entire team of Apple designers and Engineers, we don’t thing that outdoing is an achievable goal – or even be at striking distance!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lawlam Lawrence Lam

    The UI for Ziggy is terrible. Most of the time i just links me to some hyperlink but I don’t actually know how to click that link.