WSJ: Microsoft has a viable smartphone contender

More Mango reviews are coming out from the web and blogsphere these days. After yesterdays’ positive review, today we have the Wall Street Journal praising the fruity update.
The review, titled Mango Phone: a Peach of a Late Bloomer is again praising the next fall Windows Phone 7 update codenamed Mango.
The lauds go to the functional and playful interface and the focus on people rather than apps. Concerns cover the limited app catalog with 18,000 entries and the steep competition that the phone faces. Also included highlights on the hands free features and multitasking complete a comprehensive review.
The article is now completed by a video to the columnist Katherine Boehret that summarize it all in a few minutes – worth the time.
If you are worried about the limited catalog, check us out, we are here to help you get the best apps in there!

Via: The Wall Street Journal.

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